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    • Our Coffee Syrup Forum

      Welcome to our Coffee Syrup Forum gang!

      In our worldwide coffee syrup forum, we discuss all aspects of coffee syrup. We share advice, reviews, and useful information about the many ways we can use coffee syrup (not only for coffee).
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      Rudolf Rubin

    • Crowdfunding Forum

      Crowdfunding Forum

      This is the "Backers take on crowdfunding" forum, a place where backers can discuss their experiences, and share advice. And for those of you who seek crowdfunding, read all the posts here! You may also ask questions but do so in the topic "Questions about Crowdfunding". Backers take on Crowdfunding   Crowdfunding is a form of investment that has become increasingly common in recent years. Crowdfunding can be a great way to test the demand for your product. If the interest is great, it can indicate that the product will also work well in the market once it has been developed.

      What is crowdfunding?

      Crowdfunding means that a large group of individuals with small sums helps to finance a business, instead of one or a few investors contributing a larger sum. The fundraising takes place via crowdfunding websites and many times the investors are unknown to the entrepreneur.

      How does crowdfunding work?

      In short, crowdfunding is based on the entrepreneur on a crowdfunding website being able to present a business idea and seek financial support from individuals and companies. A crowdfunding website works a bit like a bulletin board where many different business ideas are presented at the same time. The design of the scheme can look different, some entrepreneurs demand pure donations, others offer benefits in exchange for a fixed investment amount. It is also common for the customer to be given the opportunity to pre-order the product against advance payment. In this way, the entrepreneur raises capital to implement the business idea, and the customer receives the product at the first possible opportunity. In many cases, the entrepreneur sets an investment goal that must be met for the idea to become a reality.

      Some  popular crowdfunding sites




      Crowd Supply




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      Rudolf Rubin